Film about the Tour

Iceland Challenge – eflow through ice and fire

Short Film

Short film: “Iceland Challenge – eflow through ice and fire” (8:17 mins + credits + outtakes)

Film Summary

For Midsummer 2013, the Pedelec Adventures team went on another pioneer trip on electric bikes. For this year’s journey, the Pedelec Adventures team chose Iceland – a country that has been shaped by ice and fire, wind and water, long nights in summer and short days in winter. Traveling between glaciers and hot springs, the bike enthusiasts faced the Nordic elements on speed-pedelecs from the eflow brand. In urban Reykjavík, on remote gravel roads in the North-West Fjords and in the rough terrain of the highlands with its rivers and lava desert, the team challenged the bikes’ all-round talent. This short film documents this unique journey, the challenges they faced and the beautiful surroundings of the Icelandic countryside.

The short film version is approx. 8 minutes long and will be available online in fall 2013. We have also an extended documentary version (approx. 23 mins), which will be shown at trade shows, film festivals and other events.

Film Information

[white_box]Title: Iceland Challenge – eflow through ice and fire
(short film version: approx. 8 mins, documentary version: approx. 23 mins)

Direction: Andreas Gutmann – Allesgutmann Media Design
Camera: Andreas Gutmann – Allesgutmann Media Design
Editing: Andreas Gutmann – Allesgutmann Media Design
Timelapse, 3D, Post-production: Andreas Gutmann – Allesgutmann Media Design
Soundtrack: Ho Kollinger – iCue media
3D Texture: NASA Visible Earth
: Susanne Bruesch, Ondra Veltrusky, Uwe Schlemender, Andreas Gutmann
Production: Pedelec Adventures
Production Country: Germany
Production Year: 2013[/white_box]

Film Trailer

Trailer: “Iceland Challenge – eflow through ice and fire” (2:55 mins + credits)

Film Screening Dates

May 24, 2014
» Iceland Challenge at ExtraEnergy Open Day in Tanna, Germany

March 5-6, 2014
» Asia Film Premiere at Taipei Cycle Show, Taiwan

September 19, 2013:
» Interbike ↗, Las Vegas, USA.
Venue: LEVA eBike Lounge. Time: 5:00 p.m. Free beer will be served.

September 18, 2013:
» Interbike ↗, Las Vegas, USA.
Venue: ↗ Currie Technologies booth #20498 [ ↗ company profile | ↗  floor plan ]. Time: 5:00 p.m. Free beer will be served.

August 31, 2013:
» Eurobike: First Public Screeing (documentary version), Friedrichshafen, Germany

August 30, 2013:
» Eurobike: LEVA & ETRA Dinner (short film version), Friedrichshafen, Germany

August 29, 2013:
» Eurobike: World Premiere (documentary version), Friedrichshafen, Germany