Category: Trade Fair News

  • Asia Film Premiere at Taipei Cycle Show

    After the Iceland Challenge film premiere at Eurobike in August 2013 and the US premiere at Interbike in October, we are happy to announce the short film’s Asia premiere which will take place at Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan in March 2014.

  • Next Presentations and Film Screenings in Germany

    Iceland Challenge goes on in 2014! We are happy to announce a number of events in Germany where our Iceland Challenge Short Film will be presented next: Fahrrad XXL Chemnitz and Dresden “Three spectacular Pedelec Trips through Sand, Grass and Ice” In a live slide show, Susanne Brüsch will share the Pedelec Adventures team’s unique…

  • US Film Premiere at Interbike

    [button link=”” color=”green” size=”large”]» REPORT: US Film Premiere at Interbike – From Glaciers to Casinos [/button]

  • Tour Film Premiere at Eurobike

    [button link=”” color=”green” size=”medium”]» REPORT: Film Premiere at Eurobike – the Audience loved Iceland Challenge [/button]

  • Iceland Challenge at LEVA & ETRA Dinner at Eurobike

    [button link=”” color=”green” size=”large”]» REPORT: Film Screening in Honor of LEVA President Sidney Kuropchak [/button]