4000 Kilometers Hardness Test

In June and July 2013, we went on our third pioneer trip to show what’s possible on electric bikes. Traveling between Iceland’s glaciers, hot springs and volcanos, we – the founders of Pedelec Adventures, Susanne Brüsch and Ondra Veltrusky and … [Read more...]

Rafhjól means Electric Bike

Cycling is getting more and more popular in Iceland. Not only as a fashion or to serve practical needs, but also in the eyes of the government, with the local authorities in Reykjavík recently investing in cycling infrastructure. Although electric … [Read more...]

A Day in Reykjavík

Go faster! (SB)

Go faster! (SB)

Riding around Iceland’s capital city on the eflow bikes was a really enjoyable experience. While withstanding a chilly wind thanks to warm clothes, we admired the Icelanders walking around in shorts and tank tops in 12 degrees … [Read more...]

Finding our Pace

A ride through Höfn (AG)

A ride through Höfn (AG)

The weather is much better than we expected. Sunshine and fairly warm temperatures make this first camp a wonderful place to get ourselves organized, let the Icelanders meet eflow and take a ride ourselves in … [Read more...]

Welcome to Iceland

In the early morning hours while on the ferry from Denmark, we could spot the the first peaks of Iceland still covered in snow!

Well – welcome to Iceland!


When we arrived at the harbor of Seyðisfjörður, we noticed a … [Read more...]

Crossing the Ocean

Nordic views (SB)

Nordic views (SB)

On the afternoon of June 17th, we had finally loaded the last pieces of luggage into the truck and left Berlin, heading towards Hirtshals in North Denmark. It took us 12 hours to drive the 800 kilometers … [Read more...]

Ready for the Highlands?

We are ready! Now that we have bought this 4×4 Iveco Magirus to escort us through the highlands and to assist us crossing rivers and a lava desert, nothing can stop us from traveling Iceland off the beaten tracks.

Iveco Magirus 4×4 Truck


[Read more...]