Pedelec Adventures goes Wild West

Our presentation of Iceland Challenge at Interbike in Las Vegas, USA, was a great success and Vegas itself was an experience of its own. But no matter how unique Nevada’s sparkling metropolis may be, after being captured by the city’s entertainment overkill for a couple of days, we started to miss the peaceful silence of nature. 

Riding Sedona's bike trails (SB)
Riding Sedona’s bike trails (SB)

Luckily it is only a 3-4 hour drive from Las Vegas to a variety of unique landscapes in Nevada, Utah or Arizona. We decided to drive to the Grand Canyon and were stunned by its sheer size and impressive rock formation.

Once in Northern Arizona we headed down to Flagstaff and Sedona and found similarly amazing landscapes. Thanks to our local friends we got to know beautiful bike trails leading through a fascinating variety of countryside. Two Haibike electric bikes did a great job to support their riders in extreme heat and high altitude on Sedona’s Dead Man’s Trail.

It hasn’t killed us, so – stay tuned for the next adventure!

And thanks to everyone who made our trip to the US an unforgettable event!

View Andy’s film from Sedona bike trails