Ready for the Highlands?

We are ready! Now that we have bought this 4×4 Iveco Magirus to escort us through the highlands and to assist us crossing rivers and a lava desert, nothing can stop us from traveling Iceland off the beaten tracks.

Iveco Magirus 4×4 Truck
Iveco Magirus 4×4 Truck

This 160 PS truck used to serve the public technical aid (THW) in Germany before an outdoor fan bought it to tour Africa with. Thank you Paul, for all your good advice and for having the truck completely serviced before our take-off. 

The middle cabin houses two benches with an optional table in between which is suitable for four people to sit here and eat or work whenever the weather is not very inviting.

In the back there is enough room to store all our film, camping and personal equipment, spare parts and bikes for the (hopefully) few occasions we are not riding.

It’s fun driving!